About LoopMe

LoopMe was founded with the mission of closing the loop on brand advertising. Our full-stack tech platform harnesses mobile data, using a powerful combination of attribution, Artificial Intelligence and analytics to deliver outstanding campaign performance against brand outcomes - consideration, purchase intent, foot traffic and offline sales.


The AI Guide

80% of marketing leaders think Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize marketing, but just 26% say they have a confident understanding of it. Let's change that.

LoopMe’s Data Science team has created a guide to AI, with everything from the history of the field, to technical definitions, down to the questions you should be asking your AI provider.

What's Inside:

   A brief history of AI and important historical milestones from the 1930's to present.

   Key words and definitions of terms you need to know, from algorithm to big data and chatbots.

   How to incorporate AI successfully into your advertising strategy.

   Questions to ask your AI provider about their technology.

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